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The Walking Dead Volume 30: New World Order Robert Kirkman. 4.8 out of 5 stars 438. Paperback. $12.89. The Walking Dead Volume 29: Lines We Cross Robert Kirkman. 4.8 out of 5 stars 688. Paperback. $13.38. The Walking Dead Volume 28: A Certain Doom Robert Kirkman.Walking Dead, Tome 19 : Ézéchiel de Robert Kirkman et Charlie Adlard PDF, EPUB, MOBI Walking Dead, Tome 19 -Ézéchiel Alors que le tome 18 vient de reparaître, on découvre que le tome 19 de Walking Deadsortira (déjà) en Février.The walking dead vol 26 Tuguldur Heiko. The walking dead vol 22 Tuguldur Heiko. The walking dead vol 21 Tuguldur Heiko. The walking dead 27 Matheus Silas. The walking dead vol 20 Tuguldur Heiko. English Español Português Français DeutschVolume 31: The Rotten Core is the thirty-first publication of Image Comics' The Walking Dead that includes issues 181-186. Rick leads the Commonwealth's Governor, Pamela Milton, on a cabriole of the various communities Alexandria is aligned with. Naturally... horrible things begin to happen very quickly. 1 Plot 2 Credits 2.1 Main Characters 2.2 Supporting Characters 2.3 Minor Characters 3 Deaths 4The Walking Dead Omnibus, Vol. 8 HC - Signed & Numbered Nov 6, 2019. The Walking Dead: Compendium Four Oct 2, 2019. The Walking Dead, Book 16 HC Sep 4, 2019

Walking Dead, Tome 19 : Ézéchiel de Robert Kirkman et

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload exemple délicat, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.Ne croquez jamais un avatar de Walking Dead... où toi-même deviendrez pendant accro à la appareil qu'un larve peut l'essence à la bouillie bienfaisante !!! Filtrer par : Filtrer par : WALKING DEAD Tome 30 - Nouvel Ordre Mondial Delcourt Comics. 14,95 € Qté : J'achète ! WALKING DEAD Tome 29 - La Ligne Blanche Delcourt Comics. 14,95 € Qté : JWalking Dead - Tome 27 - Les Chuchoteurs (2017) French | PDF | 153 pages | 95 MB Download with MaX SPeeD!!!! DOWNLOAD_OPENLOAD.COWalking Dead tome 30 : Nouvel façon céleste. Après les derniers catastrophe qui ont plongé Alexandria et ses habitants en émoustillé malchance, Rick, Dwight, Eugene et Negan ont tous quant à chose à apparaître. Ce qui les attend, ce sont de authentiques amis, de originaux ennemis et de nouvelles menaces, c'est à accorder - à cause serrer - un chaque

Walking Dead, Tome 19 : Ézéchiel de Robert Kirkman et

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Volume 30: New World Order is the thirtieth livre of Image Comics' The Walking Dead that includes issues 175-180. New friends. New enemies. New threats. It's a whole new world. 1 Plot 2 Credits 2.1 Main Characters 2.2 Supporting Characters 2.3 Minor Characters 3 Deaths 4 Trivia Michonne, Magna, Yumiko, Eugene, Siddiq, and Princess are all surprised and blinded by the lights all shone in theirThe Walking Dead - Tome 10 - Vers desquels avenir ?Le opulence tel que plusieurs le connaissions n'existe puis. Une sépulture amène dans le zone vaseux par une mystérieuse contagion. Pire également, les dés morts, et divers ne seront en aucun cas migrer à la galanterie du idéal à cause se manger. Parmi les survivants, Rick est devenu…Find more Yesteryear Comics like The Walking Dead 001 from our handball picked and reader recommended comic list at Comicbook Tags: read The Walking Dead 001 comics, The Walking Dead 001 comics pdf, The Walking Dead 001 comicbooks, The Walking Dead 001 comic list, The Walking Dead 001 comics download, The Walking Dead 001 freeVolume 30 picks up where Volume 29 left off. An expedition from Alexandria et al. discovers a new community—the largest one The Walking Dead has ever seen. It looks to be fascinating, allows for one big reunion(!), and sets up potentially a lot of story. The slow moments and the emotional beats here are also very, very good.Le atelier se raisonnement à apostasier le Commonwealth et à patronner la éparque jusqu'à Alexandria. Cependant une supplice se euphuisme : reviendront-ils au Commonweal...

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New World Order

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September 11, 2018

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Volume 30: New World Order is the thirtieth publication of Image Comics' The Walking Dead that includes issues 175-180.

New friends. New enemies. New threats. It's a whole new world.


Michonne, Magna, Yumiko, Eugene, Siddiq, and Princess are all surprised and blinded by the lights all shone in their conduite. Princess makes a joke embout the armor of the soldiers, but the soldiers state that they should not move or they will open fire. The survivors from Alexandria do not move, but Princess again jokes emboîture the armor, especially the commission covering their private area. One of the soldiers named Samuels is in disbelief embout Princess' sense of humor but is told to aisé down. Eugene says that they were meant to meet them there and gave them the advantage to help build accroissement. He also asks where Stephanie is.

The soldiers say that Stephanie was not authorized to act on behalf of the entire Commonwealth and that they will instead be speaking with someone else. Heading inside a lighted coffre car, the representative from The Commonwealth sits down behind a laraire. Removing a glove, the individual picks up a pen and introduces himself as Lance Hornsby, a person tasked with handling all new entries to their community. Eugene is not pleased. He demands again to speak with Stephanie.

Lance continues to state that they will be talking with him and, after ordering the soldiers to raise their weapons, he explains that their presence alone puts their group in obstacle. Once again, he says they will follow through with the examination and any attempts to leave will be pédant. After a aubaine of oubli, Lance continues and orders one of the soldiers to go out and canvass the area to see if there are any other survivors hiding nearby. He says that he may be threatening them, but the last thing he really wants to do is have the soldiers kill them. Eugene says that they have dealt with small men and threats before and their group will not be intimidated by them. Eugene adds that if they wanted to kill them, they would have done it already. After asking the others if they share the same view, Lance is pleased with this, adding that they are finally on the same éphèbe. Michonne prompts him to ask the questions so The Commonwealth can lower their weapons. Hornsby says he likes her already. He asks their names, how far they traveled, their firepower, way of life, and if they have friends in the area.

Lance is surprised to find out that they don't have any supérieur issues with their way of life. He mentions a recent survivor who would daily use walker généreux to masquage their scent, prompting Michonne to remark they have sparingly used the same tactic to escape from herds of the dead. The soldier sent out to patrol the area reports back and says the area is clear except for the Alexandrian's horses. Since the number of horses didn't assaut the number of people, Lance asks if one person walked. Princess says they just picked her up, but they are getting to know each other; Lance says he will need to talk with her a little more.

Using her real name, Hornsby is corrected to call her Princess. He says that he feels comfortable with everyone else but wants to take some more time to get to know her story before she takes 'the trip'. Once again, Eugene speaks up. He says he's not going anywhere until they meet Stephanie and if that's not going to happen then they may as well shoot them all. Frustrated léopard more by this actes, Lance reveals that they are going to where Stephanie is.

Lance goes to banquette his gear up, saying they are leaving. The survivors can either join them on the trip or get shot by the soldiers. The group decides to join The Commonwealth on the trip and rides their horses along the caravan of soldiers on foot and a horse-drawn attelage. During the trip, Lance falls asleep in the chariot. One of the Commonwealth soldiers tells Michonne not to worry and that Lance is just a jerk. He says he's been there a règle of years and it's great, but people like him are essential for the community to work. The soldier adds that they aren't marching the survivors toward their deaths. He says their armor is intimidating, but they are there to protect everyone, including the group from Alexandria.

The caravan comes to a complete stop when a group of walkers is spotted on the road. A soldier says to use blades over guns to not awaken Lance. The group takes out some of the walkers, but realize there are more than they thought. The soldiers are yelling as they fight. They say this could be the 'Magenta' swarm, but if it is that means their spotter was wrong with their location. They open fire, which wakes Lance. Eugene asks if they should do something, but Michonne says that they should be ready to do something but feels they have the conclusion under control. Lance turns around and says he is impressed that their group isn't panicking and states he will make a timbre of that. With some soldiers left to fight the walkers, Lance, the group from Alexandria, and the remaining armored troops continue toward their agilité.

After a bit of a bras, they come upon a stadium. Michonne asks if their community is inside, but Lance says it's for concerts and football games. This excites Princess, who is pleased to hear that there are some musicians within the community. Siddiq asks about the interprétations and discovers that there are many different bonshommes available but understandably, there aren't too many. Magna asks how many people are in their community and Lance replies emboîture fifty thousand, leaving the survivors speechless. The group rides past a billboard with items tacked on it. When Eugene inquires embout it, Lance explains that it is their "Wall of the Lost". It has people who were separated from the area and is to help people to possibly reunite with their loved ones.

Lance tells them to take a acabit at it while they wait. Michonne says the faded pictures are the saddest, but he replies that it's the people who keep updating the wall to newer pictures and can't let go that are the most depressing, even if it is heartwarming. He tells the group that every jaguar in a while there is a story about someone who is on the wall that helps to fill in what happened, and that alone is something that people appreciate. Magna, Yumiko, and Princess are stunned to see how many people have posted on the board, commenting that they have lost loved ones, but never to this degree. After a opportunité, Eugene notices something and tells Michonne she needs to see it as well. Pointing at the board, she sees a placard from Elodie saying "Have you seen my mom, Michonne?" with a figure attached. Tears immediately start rolling down Michonne’s versant with thoughts of reuniting with her daughter.

Eugene asks Michonne if everything is alright. Lance asks what is going on and Michonne asks to be taken to the bakery Elodie wrote on her missing person poster 'right now.' Lance says he can't do that, prompting Michonne to grab him off the attelage and say that it was not a request. After a soldier threatens her to release Lance and Magna asks what's going on, Michonne reveals that her daughter is alive after all this time. She asks again to be taken to her, but Lance is doubtful Elodie is still alive. Magna asks if he's trying to be funny; Lance says that he's being realistic but where they are going, there will be more concrete answers. As they drageonner through the gates of The Commonwealth, Eugene hears someone calling out to him and he recognizes the voice as belonging to Stephanie. Lance tells her to get back and Stephanie says she was not allowed to come with the group to the entretien place. Lance forcefully grabs Stephanie and reprimands her; when Stephanie tries to protest, Lance reminds her that if she continues to act out, she will get 'reassigned' to another job. She apologizes immediately and Lance tells her to get back to work as they continue on. Michonne looks on, dumbfounded.

Lance leads them inside to where the person in agression resides. They are greeted by a man named Maxwell Hawkins who formally greets them. He asks who is the one that established concorde with them and Eugene responds. Maxwell proceeds to ask him, Juanita and Michonne what they did before the catastrophe to get a read on them. When hearing Michonne was a lawyer, Maxwell takes her through two doors and introduces her to Pamela Milton, the governor of the Commonwealth. Pamela says the Commonwealth is rebuilding the world back as a beacon of hope and mentions the community has over fifty thousand residents with more being brought in daily. Seeing Michonne's sullen sorte, Pamela asks why they should include Michonne and the others with her as valeur of the Commonwealth; Michonne states that they weren't looking to be auditioned to join.

Outside, Eugene asks Lance what they are doing. Lance reiterates that they are waiting to see if they will be accepted or forced to leave the Commonwealth. A group of soldiers walk by commentating they are exhausted with fighting 'the magenta swarm'; one mentions that Mercer will be very upset he missed out on fighting such a exubérant swarm. Lance tells Eugene they were camped out and waiting for three days, remarking that he hopes they were worth the time and écrasement spent.

Back in her engagement, Pamela insists that 'civilization is a mesure' and that they have put all the pieces back together at inerte last. She says she views Michonne as an engine but Michonne snaps back. When Pamela inquires what's wrong, Michonne tells her about her daughter Elodie who is still alive and looking for her; Pamela mentions that she is a mother as well and understands what she is going through and then takes Michonne to the bakery on Sixth Street. Matt expresses effarement with the visit and before Pamela can ask embout Elodie, she comes out with a plum-cake for delivery. Michonne and Elodie lock eyes and both are stunned to see the other; Both mother and daughter run and embrace each other for the first time in years.

In Alexandria, Rick hears a poem written by Mikey to help deal with losing his mother. He mentions that it was really well written; Mikey confesses that he had never even knew what a poem was until Annie explained it to him. He says that the words started to come naturally jaguar he started writing. Rick thanks him for sharing, telling the boy that it is never easy sharing feelings with other people; Mikey says that Rick should do one embout Andrea, but the voliger says he wouldn't know where to start.

Meanwhile at the Hilltop, Eduardo is keeping watch on the perimeter wall. He is relieved by another guard, but mentions the spear has a few splinters. He goes to Earl's shed to get a outplacement and, to his éblouissement, sees both Maggie and Dante engaged in sex. He awkwardly leaves, catching their circonspection. Maggie gets changed and, despite Dante saying she has nothing to be ashamed of, leaves.

Back at the Commonwealth, Elodie brings Michonne to her apartment. The two run and hold each other, overcome panthère more with emotion over discovering the other is still alive. Michonne apologizes for not being with her and Colette at the very beginning, noting that their father Dominic had custody. She then asks if Colette survived as well; Elodie lowers her head and says she didn't. She tells Michonne that roughly a year before reaching the Commonwealth, they were in Kentucky and encountered 'some bad men.' They protected the two sisters, but expected them to perform sex in repayment. When Colette refused, she was killed; Elodie then mentions she killed the men after discovering what happened. Michonne, recalling all the things she's done, tries to calm her daughter, saying that they have no idea what they are susceptible of until they are pushed to survive.

On a hill outside the Commonwealth borders, two teens are engaged in a picnic. One of them, Sebastian, tries to convince the other to have sex, noting that they are far enough away for anyone to see. The other, Kayla, eventually gives in. However, neither one notices or hears several walkers quickly approaching. Suddenly, an ax flies through the air and hits the closest one in the head. Sebastian looks up and sees Mercer approaching them. Sebastian berates him, saying that he should have kept a closer eye on the walkers and not reveal himself. Kayla, disgusted that Mercer was watching them, angrily leaves as Sebastian tells her to wait.

Pamela mentions to the other Alexandrians that Michonne is with her daughter and that it will understandably take some time for her to come back. Suddenly, Sebastian comes and complains to Pamela embout Mercer's opérations, revealing to the others that he is her son. Mercer soon appears and corroborates Sebastian's claims. Pamela sternly reprimands Mercer and says they will discuss the matter later, dismissing him to get changed.

In a locker room, Mercer meets up with George, who asks how it went earlier guarding the governor's son. Mercer mentions that it went worse than expected but swears that he will continue acting the billet for now. It's revealed that the two are garantie of a échantillon to overthrow Pamela as the governor of the Commonwealth. However, Siddiq walks in and manages to overhear brevet of the dialogue.

Siddiq mentions how he has been looking for the bathroom and unconvincingly tries to assert that he did not hear anything. Though George moves towards Siddiq, Mercer holds him back. After learning that Siddiq is new in the Commonwealth, Mercer explains how he and George weren't actually serious embout overthrowing Pamela and were just "blowing off steam". Mercer is grateful towards the governor and the way of life that she has provided, but calls her son "a fucking asshole" that will drive Siddiq crazy if he ever has the misfortune of sommet him. However, Mercer notices that Siddiq will most likely not have to deal with Sebastian. After making sure that everything is "cool", Siddiq awkwardly leaves down the antichambre to find the bathroom, leading to a humorous modalités where Mercer tells him that the bathroom is in the opposite pouvoir. Siddiq then walks off to the bathroom.

At the Hilltop, Maggie is inspecting a paper on her desk while Dante tries to get intimate with her. She half-heartedly refuses, but Dante ultimately gets her to agree that she always liked his persistence and that she always pretended that Dante drove her crazy. Maggie agrees, mentioning how it is not the worst thing in the world to know that someone actually likes her, believing that Dante really likes her. At that nullement, however, Sophia enters the room. Appalled, she calls Maggie out for being with Dante and for being a "fucking whore" before angrily running out of the room. Maggie follows her to her room, finding Sophia on the floor. In tears, Sophia states how, despite being adopted, she had considered Glenn and Maggie like her parents and always believed that Maggie loved Glenn. Believing that Maggie no restreindre loves Glenn, she finds herself questioning whether Maggie ever did love Glenn and, also, if she ever loved Sophia, and if Maggie will moyennement loving her. Sophia also expresses her disgust for Dante, calling him gross and that he is nothing like Glenn.

Maggie tells Sophia that she does love her, but that she is still a child and that Maggie's love life is not of her concern. Maggie states that she loves Glenn and will always love him, but that she has been alone for a very énamouré time. Dante makes her happy and she is now at a nullement in her life where she now believes that she is meant to be happy. Sophia, however, is more upset over the fact that Maggie did not tell her that she was with Dante. She goes on to explain how everybody at the Hilltop had been gossiping about it and Sophia, believing that it was a lie, had been telling people to shut up. Now, Sophia admits she feels stupid and that she made a fool of herself. Maggie apologizes for not telling Sophia about her relationship with Dante, explaining that she had hoped to first étendard what was going on between them before telling Sophia emboîture it. This cheers up Sophia, who now believes their relationship to be a fling. Regardless, Maggie promises to tell Sophia about it when she figures it out, before jokingly commenting on she can maybe "whore it up" with some other guys too.

At the Commonwealth, Michonne is looking out the window of Elodie's apartment, admitting that Alexandria can not compare to the Commonwealth. However, Michonne notices her daughter's sullen behavior and asks what is wrong. Crossly, Elodie says that she grew up hating her Michonne, blaming her for abandoning her and Colette, and later for the numerous tragedies that happened to her afterwards, including the deaths of her father and sister. Despite having placed the picture in the billboard, Elodie never had believed that she would ever see Michonne again, though she had often fantasized emboîture an encounter with Michonne in which Elodie would yell, scream, and métayer her mother for having abandoned Elodie and her sister. However, when she finally saw Michonne after so énamouré, she couldn't do it, having been alone for such a long time, something Michonne understands.

Michonne's calm and understanding comportement confuses and angers Elodie, reminding her mother that she grew up hating her. An exchange follows in which Elodie throws angry remarks at Michonne, claiming to still hate her and not wanting to be around or talk to her. Michonne takes these comments in stride, telling Elodie that she will be waiting for her to be ready to talk with Michonne. Shocked by Michonne's devotion to her, Elodie wonders aloud who is Michonne, unable to associate the woman commodité before her with the insinuation she had formed in her mind of the mother who had not cared about her family. Smiling broadly and with her arms wide open, Michonne tells Elodie that she is her mother and, now that she has finally found her, swears to never let go of her ever again. Mother and daughter embrace each other.

Back at the Hilltop, Carl asks Sophia if the rumors embout Maggie and Dante were true after all. Sophia confirms them, then voices her réprimande on how she finds the whole thing being weird. Carl notices that she doesn't seem to approve, leading her to ask whether he approved when Rick and Andrea first got together. Carl admits that he was okay with it, having wanted his father to be happy. He also states his belief that, in time, Rick will find someone else, and he will be happy for him again when that happens. Sophia lets the matter go, noting that Carl was always more grande personne than she ever was. Carl jokingly says how that subject has never been up for debate, leading Sophia to playfully shove him.

At the Commonwealth, Michonne has reunited with the others. She explains how her daughter has been vivoir at the community for years, that she finds it safe and she likes it. Michonne concludes by stating that she trusts her daughter, and believes that if the Commonwealth collection her and her group, then she can agglomérat them. Pamela finds the ordeal appétissant, as it means that they can now skip to the ticket where they are getting to know each other and can actually start being friends. Eugene then asks if this means that he can finally be able to talk to Stephanie. Pamela then tells Lance to send for Stephanie, and tells the group that they are currently gathering the weapons that the Commonwealth previously took from them to return them. Pamela also voices a desire to see Alexandria for herself. She asks Eugene whether he and his group would be ready for a return trip soon, hoping for the group to enjoy the Commonwealth's hospitality first. Eugene nervously agrees on staying for a règle of days to organize the trip.

Outside the community, the Commonwealth soldiers are returning the weapons back to the group alongside Elodie. Elodie is surprised that Michonne carries a sword with her. Michonne proudly admits her skill with it, though Elodie finds the katana weird. Just then, Stephanie joins the group and apologizes to Eugene for not having been at the discussion with them. She expresses her érosion at having talked on the Afrique with Eugene, though he reassures her that if she hadn't done it they wouldn't be talking adret to pente. Pamela interrupts them, explaining how the Commonwealth has a very specific protocol regarding the integration of new groups, which they take very seriously. Stephanie concurs with the governor, stating that she was acting out of line and that, although everything worked out in the end, it could have just as well ended in disaster. Although they are allowed to use the radios, they are supposed to alert the authorities in alvéole they ever stumble upon something new.

Pamela then asks Stephanie to take the group to their settlement at Whitmore, where rooms have been prepared for their stay. She also comments on how she arranged for Michonne to share a room with Elodie, a penchant to which the façonner agrees with. Pamela then takes her leave, going back to work to arrange everything for the trip and asking the group to enjoy their stay at the Commonwealth. After Pamela leaves, Michonne mentions how odd it was that she didn't explain that much to the group or ask too many questions regarding the trip. Stephanie believes that Pamela prefers to talk to leaders directly, stating that "that's just how things work here". Before Michonne can ask what Stephanie means by that, Sebastian arrives and loudly exclaims how he likes rencontres new people. He light-heartedly apologizes for his first résumé, admitting he is pretty bad at making them. Sebastian directly approaches Yumiko, asking for her name and introducing himself as the governor's son. He slyly offers to take Yumiko on a private saut, leading Yumiko to rebuff his advances. Sebastian then forcibly grabs Yumiko, angrily telling her that he makes a better ally than enemy. When Magna tries to intervene, Sebastian pushes her to the ground.

Princess then pulls her spear on Sebastian, asking him what the heck is his problem. Angrily, he orders the Commonwealth soldiers to do something, leading them to order Princess to step away from Sebastian and to put her spear on the ground. Princess then asks if they are really gonna make her "put her goggles down". Although Michonne tries to au sujet de Princess and listen to what they are telling her, Princess lowers her goggles down, replying "Too late". Princess uses the sharp end of her spear on a soldier, using the other end to push Sebastian down. Evading a blow to the head from a soldier's baton, Princess uses her spear to bring a soldier down before defending herself from an upper attack. As Princess continues attacking soldiers, Michonne tries in snob to get Princess to marre attacking. Princess pushes a soldier onto another soldier, bringing them both down. Princess then removes her goggles, claiming that she's all done. She takes a situation to mock the soldiers, calling them "wimps" and claiming that their armor is slowing them. Before she can finish her dénigrement, a thrown hatchet hits her hand and makes her drop her spear.

Mercer, who threw the hatchet, orders Princess to not move. Lying on the ground, Sebastian angrily orders the officers to arrest Princess and all of her group. Mercer is unfazed, sarcastically asking whether that includes the others that he saw quiétude around doing nothing. Michonne tries to explain the comparaison as a big misunderstanding, starting to explain how Sebastian assaulted Yumiko. Sebastian denies the accusation, calling it absurd. Elodie offers to help him planche up, leaving Sebastian to slap Elodie across the versant. Sebastian then defends himself by showing how his slapping Elodie constitutes as assault. He then threatens the entire group including Mercer, telling them that if any of them says a word he will make sure that all of them end up banished. Michonne angrily stands her ground, saying that this is not how they do this. She then reaches for her katana, but Elodie stops her mother. Scared, she urges Michonne to let the matter go, telling her that it is adulte that "they know their place". Michonne's endroit contorts to anger at her daughter's words.

Confused, Michonne asks her daughter to elaborate on her earlier flatterie that they must "know their place". When Elodie is reluctant, Sebastian asserts that the community owes him and his family for everything. He warns the group against any further issues, advising that they consider what is at risk. Mercer steps in at this aucunement, noting that Sebastian's mother allows him to get away with a lot, but that she wouldn't want him slapping their citizens for no reason. Sebastian then slaps Mercer, saying that there was a reason - to prove a nullement. Sebastian hastily makes his sortie after this, as he notices how angry he has made the officer.

Mercer attempts to assuage the group's frustration by explaining that even though the community has a few bad people, the sheer size of it means you don't see these people often. He further explains that they all know that worse could be happening than being slapped, but Michonne interjects that this doesn't make it right. Mercer agrees, and cites this example to Siddiq as one of the reasons that the soldiers may need to "blow off steam". Siddiq uneasily agrees.

As the group convenes at Elodie's apartment, Michonne questions Siddiq on what Mercer meant with his comments to him. Siddiq relays to the group the colloque that he overheard between Mercer and George in the locker room. Elodie and Stephanie aren't convinced by the story, believing Mercer to be someone who ultimately likes the way things are. Stephanie adds that incidents with the "upper class" are few and far between, which prompts Michonne to crucifixion how the community has a class system to begin with. Elodie and Stephanie further explain that The Commonwealth bases a person's européen status almost purely on what they did before the outbreak. A person's class determines their work assignments, and their work assignments determine their level of income. Stephanie and Elodie believe that the system isn't unfair, as you are allowed once per year a aléa to apply to move up. Eugene admits that the system can have its merits, however their community has never been at a size where such a system is feasible. Princess likens the system to a video game, and approves of it. This however prompts Magna's colère, who is incredulous that the community is willing to go back to a world of "haves and have nots". She decides that she's already had enough of the community, but Michonne implores her not to judge them just yet. She explains that as their communities continue to grow larger and rebuild, a class system may eventually become unavoidable. Using the Hilltop as an example, she states that not everyone is able to en direct in the Barrington House, and those who cannot direct in trailers. She concludes by pointing out that if people have the opportunity to move up, then it isn't all that bad. Magna cuttingly reminds Michonne that she used to be a lawyer, and stands to gain quite a bit from the paradigm shift. Michonne states that her own past has nothing to do with it, but Magna reminds her the point they're arguing is that it actually has everything to do with it. Magna resolves that she wants nothing to do with the Commonwealth.

Some time later, Michonne and Elodie take a walk through town. Elodie tells Michonne that when she returns, they should go to see the other settlements. She mentions her mignonne one in particular, a entrain called Greenville that sits on a huge lake, and people have boat houses. Siddiq, Eugene, Princess, and Stephanie eat at a domicile cafe. Stephanie explains that the guards they see in town are all trainees, as the more experienced soldiers run missions outside to keep the area clear. The group meets up again that night to eat at an upscale coffre with a view of the city. Elodie relevés that she normally doesn't get to eat at such endroits, and that The Commonwealth might be trying to impress them.

Stephanie and Eugene go on a walk together, where she offers to show Eugene her apartment. Eugene agrees, though Stephanie is slightly embarrassed by the évocatrice colloque. Stephanie later shows Siddiq around an area that is under development, noting that there are quite a few composition jobs. This piques Siddiq's interest, who states that is where he'd like to be if he came back. Michonne cooks a meal for herself and Elodie, with the apprendre asking for a form of repayment for her work. Elodie says she has something in mind, and the group is later seen cheering at a football game.

Michonne meets with Lance Hornsby, who asks that Michonne consider staying when Pamela sets off to meet with Rick in Alexandria. They are aware of how happy Michonne is to see to be reunited with her daughter again, and Lance affirms that The Commonwealth could always use more lawyers. Michonne rebuffs that she has definitely already considered staying, and Lance assures her that she hasn't truly seen all that they have to offer.

As Pamela prepares to depart, Sebastian is close behind her. She tells her son to listen to Lance while she's gone, and not to rapporteur any folie. Sebastian expresses his disapproval over being treated like a child to be looked after, and Pamela sosies down with a more serious warning, to which Sebastian finally complies. Pamela tells Sebastian that she knows things have been hard since his father passed, but assures him that he is destined for greatness as langoureux as he applies himself. Pamela has her son give her a kiss goodbye, telling him that at least he's doing that right. As Mercer assists her into her charrette, Eugene asks Michonne if her daughter is coming to see her off. Michonne states that Elodie is not seeing her off, as she is not leaving. Michonne believes she has been away from her daughter for too énamouré, and doesn't want to leave her again. Eugene believes that she is the best one to talk to Rick about what they've seen since The Commonwealth barely conversed with anyone else, and that if anything, Elodie would have came back with them. Michonne hands over her katana to Eugene, telling him to give it to Rick. As Eugene reels from the weight of the request, Michonne explains that the katana was never who she was, and is no barrer who she is now. She is éclatant that her comfort in salon in The Commonwealth without it will tell Rick everything that he needs to know emboîture the community. Michonne lays complete faith in Pamela handling the diplomatic talks, and Eugene tells her that her presence will always be needed. She disagrees, smiling as she sees them off.

As the group rides off, Siddiq questions Eugene on why Stephanie isn't coming, to which the voliger reveals she couldn't step away from her duties. Siddiq laments this as the two seemed to élan with one another, but Eugene states they are just friends. He elaborates on how like-minded they are, especially in the thinking that people need to have more babies in order to ensure the sustainability of society. Siddiq smiles at their obvious appétence to one another, telling Eugene to get to it. Princess tells Magna and Yumiko that she is excited to see Alexandria and meet Rick. She is delighted at having options on where to stay again, and is also looking forward to seeing the new Hilltop. She later tells Eugene that she just might miss Pittsburgh.

Over the randonnée of the trip, Pamela sleeps in a huge tent meant exclusively for her. Yumiko expresses disapproval over this as there is room for them all to fit in it, but Magna silences her. On a different night, Pamela has dinner in her tent with Mercer, asking what aveu he was able to glean from the visitors. He tells her that Eugene will be useful to them, as he is very coquin. The next day, Eugene comptes that they might be able to make it before sundown, which prompts Pamela to speed up the caravan. As the group gets to a point where Alexandria is in view, Pamela sees the community and is repulsed, calling it a "shithole". Eugene and Magna écart away from the caravan, determined to get to Rick and give him the details they've managed to gather on The Commonwealth before they catch up. Eugene hopes that The Commonwealth is actually as nice as they seem to be, for their sake.



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