Guillaume Musso Will You Be There?

Guillaume Musso Will You Be There?

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Guillaume Musso - Will You Be There?.

Guillaume Musso - Will You Be There?.

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Will you be there? - Guillaume Musso - XO Éditions

Will You Be There? (Korean: 당신, 거기 있어줄래요; RR: Dangsin, Geogi Isseojullaeyo) is a 2016 South Korean fantasy drama film directed by Hong Ji-young, based on the French novel, Seras-tu là?, by Guillaume Musso.The film stars Kim Yoon-seok, Byun Yo-han and Chae Seo-jin[/has_googlemeta5][has_googlemeta6]. Guillaume Musso WILL YOU BE THERE? a novel . 1 First Encounter One fine day, the future becomes the past. It's then we turn around and see our youth. Louis ARAGON Miami International Airport September 1976 Elliott, aged 30 Early on a Sunday evening under the Florida sky. At the wheel of a Thunderbird convertible, a . Will you be there?, written by the French author Guillaume Musso, is an exciting love story that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.It's set in the United States during different periods of time: present and past. The story is about a 60 year-old successful surgeon, Elliot, who has never got over the accidental death of his lover, Illena.

Will You Be There? by Guillaume Musso (2008, Trade

the first novel of guillaume musso that i read. i like it very much that i quoted almost every precious words of it. i don't reread it ever once yet i still can remember most of its details. i have to admit that there's something in musso's writing style that charms readers so much that they all have some respect on his works :). you should. Guillaume Musso artfully takes us on a journey in this heartfelt version of Back to the Future. We confess to getting up in the middle of the night just to finish it, and ask ourselves 'what if we too could start over?'… » ELLE « Three years ago, Guillaume Musso exploded like a cannonball into the literary scene. (…) Will You Be. Whatever comes next, we'll be there.', 'Musso once again proves that he is a master of romantic stories, the ideal companion for cold winter's days on the sofa.', 'An enthralling tale which will keep you turning the pages until the very end . . . you will hear more about [Musso] in the future', 'Musso has written a sentimental love story with . Musso is from the Paul Coelho school of writing, with on-the-nose prose and a simple message. As one reviewer put it, think: "a sentimental Back to the Future"' * London Paper * 'You must read this book - and if you like Marc Levy, you'll love Guillaume Musso. Promise!'

Will You Be There?: Musso, Guillaume: 9780340933732

Guillaume Musso is in his early thirties and lives in Antibes, in the south of France. He is an Economics teacher and the author of four bestselling novels, which have been translated into twenty-four languages. A film adaptation of Sauve-Moi, his third novel, stars John Malkovich and is scheduled for release in 2008.. Will You Be There? by Guillaume Musso Introduction: I was going through a number of books at the library when this tiny treasure caught my eyes. Well, the title and the subtitle fairly intrigued me (since I always loved these kinds of stories anyway), but I guess this is a story that will always make me wonder what the ending would be.. Guillaume Musso (French pronunciation: Musso wrote A mix up in Heaven in 2005, Will you be there in 2006, Lost and Found in 2007, One Day, Perhaps in 2008, Where Would I Be Without You? in 2009,Girl on Paper in 2010 and Call from an Angel in 2011.